21151217_868147153334530_3240857464507658567_nAnna Elva Cucciardo (formerly Anna Kremenliev)

Thank you for taking an interest what I’m up to. I am very grateful that I can both make a living and a life in pursuit of Music. I truly appreciate that you’ve made it this far to hear more of my story.

I was born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I continue to reside. Since I began drumming in 1997, I have been involved with many different musical projects (please see the full bio for a working list). My current musical undertakings include being Director & Educator at Music Time Academy in Livermore and playing drums with the bands: Smokedaddies, West Grand Boulevard, and Professor Jones & the RendezVooDoo.

I averaged 100+ live shows per year from about 2006-2018, touring across the United States with Muncie, Go Kart Mozart, Kid Moe and TV Mike & the Scarecrowes. Prior to dedicating my time to performing, recording & teaching, I earned a BA from University of California, Berkeley (member of Cal Band for 4 years…Go Bears) & Certificates in Recording Arts & Commercial Music from Diablo Valley College. I am forever honored to have worked with the late, great Steve Sage for many, many years. A great deal of all I have accomplished is owed to his mentorship.

Since 2008, I have worked with hundreds of students both in groups & one-on-one, with ages ranging as young as 4 months old in my “Family Music Time” class all the way up to senior citizens. I enjoy exploring the underlying patterns of music alongside my students, encouraging natural, organic musical development that often mirrors other sorts of language development.

Whether teaching or performing, my intention and source of motivation is to share the joy of music in the hopes that we can all feel a little more connected.

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West Grand Boulevard (Motown/R&B/Soul)

Smokedaddies (Psychedelic, Blues, Rock, Funk)

Lovin’ Dead (Grateful Dead covers)

Hoopty (Funk)

Muncie (Soul Twang)

TV Mike & the Scarecrowes (Cosmic Twang)

Professor Jones & the RendezVooDoo (Swampedelic Rock & Soul)

Mama Foxxy & the Whiskey Gypsy Rebels (Country)

Seth Chapla Band (Instrumental Rock/Blues)

Iko Ya Ya (New Orleans Soul, Zydeco) (sub)

Dancing in the Streets (Grateful Dead covers)

Kat Van Morgan (Rock, Indie, Country) (sub)

Otto & the Moaners (Americana, Country)

Lucky 7’s (Country, Blues, 70s) (sub)

Mike Meagher’s Music Machine (Funk, Psychedelic, Jam)

Alligator West (Swampedelic Rock & Soul)

Young American Patriots Fife & Drum Band

Dave Lockhart (Singer/Songwriter)

Dead Winter Carpenters (Bluegrass) (sub)

Rob Jamner (Singer/Songwriter) (sub)

Marina Crouse (Blues) (sub)

Graham Hill (Singer-Songwriter) (sub)

Amethyst Bickman (Neo-Soul, R&B) (sub)

Urinetown (The Musical)

Spidermeow (Rock, Indie) (sub)

Oh The Nerve (Neo-Soul) (sub)

Sons of Emperor Norton (Swing, Jazz) (sub)

Buttery Crispy (Funk, Soul) (sub)

Go Kart Mozart (indie rock)

Kid Moe (pop punk)

Jump Back (50s Rock & Roll)

The Hang (indie rock)

Total Eclipse (70s & 80s Covers)

The Hormones (All-Girl Rock)

MAH-HER/Mike Meagher & Friends

Tory & the Teasers

Should We Run (Indie)

The Unoriginals (Top 40’s Covers)

Studmuffin (Rock/Blues/Pop)

Scotch Love (Indie/Rock)

Honey Chile (Soul/Rock/Blues)

Funky Brewster (Top 40’s Covers)

Sex & Machines (Rock/Funk)

Last (Alternative Rock)

Kringer (punk)

Phonofly (hip hop/pop)

BubLrap (hip-hop/pop)

Azrael (retro rock)

Placenta (punk)

Rock My Soul (rock/disco/funk)

The New Sekret Service (funk) (sub)

Saphire Rock (rock/motown)

Sean O’Brien & His Dirty Hands (sub)

Hott Elvis (elivs covers)

Jenny Brown (rock/soul)

As If! (90s covers)

Sweet Honey Pie (classic rock covers)

Busted Stuff (Dave Matthews Band covers)

Cal Band (marching band)

Chumway (british invasion)

Tone Pony (country/rock)

Los Gigantes (spanish rock)

Crosscut Saw (alternative)

Lawrence Burgess (singer/songwriter)

Gordon Chumway (rock/pop)

Red Sky (rock)

Out of Order (classic rock)

Pyrofoam (rock)

The Hang (rock)

Red Line (modern rock)

Midnight Gin (rock/blues)

SUV (modern rock)

JCVD (80s covers)

Trippin Billies (Dave Matthews covers)

.357 (70s rock)

KFB (rock/alternative)

Tonight Only (rock)

The Accelerators (instrumental rock)

Head Band (modern rock)

Focal 99 (modern rock)

Blue Monday (country)

Marcia Juell Band (pop)

Mo’ Groove (motown/r&b/soul)

Home Cookin’ (motown/r&b/soul)

Snatch Party (punk/chick rock)

Banana Shenanigans (rock)

The A Team (rock)

Bisquick (classic rock)

Imperfect Euphoria (rock/metal)

No Name Provided (funk/soul)

Euphoria (rock)

Zod (rock)

Catalyst (reggae)

3 Hole Punch (alternative/modern rock)

Savage Beating (metal/rock)

Destructicide (metal/rock)

For Play (pop/blues/country)

Montero Ash (pop)

Soul Groove (funk)

Ray’s Call (modern rock/alternative)

Anderson Mountain (soul/blues)

Mass Appeal (alternative/rock)

The Electrics (motown/r&b/blues)

Fine By Me (alternative/indie)