Facebook Live!


After years of noticing unfavorable ratios of people that I invite to gigs versus people that actually come to gigs (my parents and most band-mates excepted), I cannot help but be overjoyed that I can now bring my gigs to YOU! Couchtour 2017, y’all!! I have been testing the waters by streaming the past 10 or so gigs, including a recent Midwest run with TV Mike & the Scarecrowes last week. As long as I can get reception or WiFi and keep my battery charged, I plan to stream as many gigs as possible.

All streams will be on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/annakremenliev

Here are a few recent favorites:
Dave Lockhart & Friends at the Bistro in Hayward on 1/5/16
TV Mike & the Scarecrowes at White Rabbit in Indianapolis on 12/28/16
Muncie at Lagunitas in Petaluma on 12/24/16

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